Comfort in Chaos

If you were to line people up according to how organized they are…you would probably see me standing towards the end, looking down at my feet, trying not to make eye contact. I’m not even kidding. If I were to pick a line to describe the state of my room 97% of the time, it would be: “A potato flew around my room before you came, excuse the mess it made..” and YES. That potato would be me. What can I say, I do find some comfort in chaos.

But 2015 is the year to make good habits, and for me, being more organized is on my top 5! Do you have any ideas on how to start? Or do you have any suggestions as to what small changes I can integrate in my daily routine? I figured I’d start with making room. For instance, I’m tearing the bond between my teeny bopper clothes and I so that I have space for a more sophisticated, age-appropriate wardrobe. Although it’s tough–it’s time.

Embrace the small changes you can make to freshen up yourself and/or your surroundings!

The habits I want to work on this year are:

  1. Drink more water!
  2. Choose fitness over laziness.
  3. Get organized–prioritize.
  4. Smile more often!
  5. Say “I” less often.
  6. Sleep earlier.
  7. Opt for healthier food.
  8. Set aside time for creative flow.
  9. Explore nature.
  10. Say “thank you.”

What about you? What small goals or good habits do you want to achieve/build this year?

Take the small (or even the bigger!) steps that will get you closer to your vision.


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