A Night Under the Stars

Andrew & I put the passenger seats down from my sportback, lied down side-by-side with our heads placed at the end of the trunk, and watched the starlit sky as my brother, Josh, drove 40mph for 17 miles with my trunk door open.

I could feel the cold wind on my sides, the bumpiness of the ride, and even at first, the adrenaline rushing through my body. I watched the angles changing as the car slightly wavered in sync with the road. Soon, my thoughts got lost in the stars and I was at peace.

It was surreal.

Then my brother suddenly swerved because a rabbit was crossing the road. I lost my shit for two seconds. Hahaha, true story. But really, reflexes kicked in and I pressed myself lower towards the inside of the car, and tightly squeezed Andrew’s hand. I directed my attention back to the night sky and eventually calmed down. The view was jaw-dropping.

There’s so many things that can get in the way of our peace of mind. Maybe it’s the fast track lifestyle we’re pressured to live in, all the tiny and big bumps along the way, and/or the feelings that arise from our thoughts. I, for one, am guilty of feeling stressed from all of those.

But you know what, sometimes we have to go through the darkest hours to appreciate the light and find peace. That sometimes, it’s necessary to lose yourself to something far greater to be humbled so that we can focus on what is really important.

So thank you, Joshua Tree National Park for the adventures and the inspiration for a much-needed reflection.

P.S. Shout out to my Kuya for dragging us out to Joshua Tree National Park for a night under the stars, Josh for also driving, and Andrew for spending time with us! You guys are awesome 😀


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